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This changes everything.

What's all the hype about essential oils?

Four years ago, I was suffering with a bronchial infection in a hostel in Germany.

I could barely breathe. I thought I might die in that room, alone. I know that sounds so dramatic, but when you can't breathe at all, it's terrifying.

Airline travel seemed to coincide with major flare ups. I had two more cross country ministry trips, back to back, almost immediately after returning home from Germany. Once again, a flare up; no voice to sing, teach or preach.

What was going on? Why couldn't the prayer of faith, that had healed me all my life, bring forth my healing? I believed GOD! I was so frustrated.

Next stop, Florida, another music conference. My friend, Keisha picked me up at the airport. As I began to share my "woe is me" story, she interrupted me. "Have you tried Breathe essential oil?"

"Girlfriend, do you hear me, I AM SICK! Essential oils are for the spa!!" I said.

I told her I needed more than a massage.

Turns out, I needed less than a massage.

I only needed one oil. As Keisha instructed, I applied a couple of drops of DŌTerra Breathe oil to the bottoms of my feet for three nights. I was increasingly better each day. The third day, GONE! GONE! after two years of feeling helpless. Forever gone.

My world was rocked! How did I NOT know about this, this OIL LIFE?!

I haven't had a bronchial issue since. On the rare occasion, when I have felt the occasional threat of a cold or flu, I know how to knock it out in 12-24 hours. Guess what?

I can teach you how.

Maybe I wasn't healed immediately, by my prayers, for your sake. I mean, if I hadn't gone through the most intense sickness of my life, I wouldn't have learned to be the healer in my home. If I had not learned, then who would teach you? I want to teach everybody! There is so much empowerment when you can take your health back. It's seriously like a superpower!

You may say, when will I have time to learn and implement this?

First of all, take advantage of our private wellness consultation feature on this page.

Let's get you started.

Secondly, by joining our Shalom Oils tribe, (by getting your wholesale account) we add you to our private FB page for members only.

On that page, you are able to search for any issue or oil.

If you can't find the answer, myself or someone on my team will help you in that private forum.

Finally, we continue to support and educate you to be the healer in your home.

We have many free ebooks, live videos, empowerment series webinars and even phone apps that we also recommend, in addition to fun giveaways, group challenges and more! This oil life is so instinctive and easy to live. The kids catch on so quick. They love getting oils put on their feet at night with prayers. The diffuser by every bed pumping out healing scents to support sleep. It's such a joy to have a house filled with healing nature scents, all day, every day, for pennies a day.

This is a totally different and upgraded lifestyle. We help you transition away from chemical cleaners, cosmetics, over the counter drugs, personal care products, laundry, sub-par vitamins and supplements, to make your home a healing sanctuary of peace for your family . You can do it gradually or we can help you go all in! I did both.

I bought the family essential kit, first. I had my little 5ml of breathe oil, but as I began researching, the next purchase was EVERY OIL KIT. I used the oils for about a year. I wanted to make sure they all worked before recommending them. The rest is history. All the successes and life changes I saw in so many, gives me passion to share, until there's a healer in every home. If only I would have known about these oils while raising my kids.


Does all this sound to good to be true? Absolutely! But it's all science, folks.

Essential oils work in symbiosis with the cells, to allow the body to work more efficiently. The human body is an amazing healing machine. Give it what it needs, it self-heals.

We don't just treat symptoms, though we can do that. We get to the root of the issue, to help the body, to heal.

Let's Go back to the Bible

While healthcare is broken and bureaucrats are fighting, millions of intelligent people are discovering ancient remedies.

Thus says Adonai:
“Stand in the roads and look.
Ask for the ancient paths—
where the good way is—and walk in it.

Then you will find rest for your souls. (a)
Jeremiah 6:16 TLV

Essential oils and plant based remedies, are mentioned over 500 times in the Bible.

I love to teach about the oils of the Bible, so stay tuned for more blogs, webinars, and custom anointing oils on this site.

Doterra has brought this ancient form of healing to the present. This is all done under the supervision of the over 100 PHD scientists, agriculturists, doctors and labs. They are now producing the purest, most efficacious essential oils, in history. The most tested, the most trusted, the largest essential oil company, EVER. How has this 10 year old company grown so quickly? DOTerra is committed to the provide the safest, best product, and services. Safe for kids, babies and pets too with proper use.

Come on this journey with us. I have over a thousand customers to date, and we are growing by leaps and bounds. DŌTerra just added their seven millionth customer.

Why? Because there is a revolution happening. As usual, science is catching up with the Bible.

Sound expensive, right? If you buy retail, certainly, yes!

DŌTerra has a loyalty program, that rewards us with free shipping, free oils and up to an additional 30 percent off wholesale (25 percent), so the transition is seamless and creates savings for every budget as it enhances the health and wellness of your family. Invest in your health, so you reap vital years throughout your life; thriving instead of just surviving.

There is a saying, A healthy man has a thousand dreams; a sick man has only one.

Let us help you, get well and stay well, naturally, so that you and your children

can live out all your dreams!

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